bespoke pet embroidery

Bringing your pets’ portrait to life with bespoke pet embroidery

Hi Carol, you’ve launched Hoop N Loop which offers bespoke pet embroidery. How does this work?

All our portraits of bespoke pet embroidery begin life on paper. Customers will email me their favourite photo of their cat or dog which I then hand-sketch. I then digitalise it before stitching it onto a jumper, t-shirt, tote bag or cushion. It’s a lot of work but I love the process of bringing images to life and creating something that’s special to someone.



What does a normal day look like?

I don’t think there’s much normal to be honest. I spend a lot of time fulfilling customer orders. This is the creative part of transforming a photo into a sketch that the embroidery machine can read. It is the most time consuming step. I also regularly run a stall on Netil market or go to other pet related events, so what I do varies a lot.


What’s the biggest challenge as a small business owner?

Working on my own can be tough. I do everything from running my website shop to dealing with suppliers and making the items. I sometimes miss being able to bounce around ideas with someone. But on the whole it is very satisfying to receive feedback from happy customers. It’s what gets me up in the morning 😉


Who inspires you most and why?

I am inspired by anyone who runs small successful business and yet still finds time to enjoy life. I think we often loose sight of the bigger picture. Finding the balance is a tricky thing, so anyone who has that balance is inspiring.



And finally. Imagine a dog owner walked up to you asking for your advice on how to pamper their pup. But you’ve only got a few minutes to respond, what would you say? 

My dog, Koko loves a head massage. It relaxes her and it’s a great way to bond.




We are excited to have partnered with Carol to create a series of tees that express our mutual passion for living with pets.

Our first t-shirt ‘my kids have paws’ has launched and is now available in our shop 😉 Just click here.


Nice to have you here

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