C01 aqua vegan leather dog collar

This vegan dog collar is super cute! Made with a vegan leather alternative, it is designed for everyone who wants to accessorise their dog walk with a beautiful yet practical item. The colourful biothane material is matched elegantly with the matte black hardware making it an eye-catching item. The collar comes in three sizes and there’s a matching lead too.


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Bright blue vegan dog collar

The C01 dog collar is designed and handmade in Berlin. As its counterpart, the L01 lead, it features a timeless design that is tailored to urban dog lovers who want to carry a chic and fashionable yet sustainably made lead & collar set.

The vegan dog collar is made from an artificial leather called BioThane®, a coated webbing that feels velvety and soft to the touch. It is a versatile and durable fabric that is weather and tear resistant, uv-resistant, antibacterial and mould resistant. To ensure long-lasting beauty, every single cut edge is painted by hand to ensure the lead is fully waterproof.

All metal accessories are made from stainless steel offering an ideal combination of strength, weight and durability. The hardware is nickel-free and particularly scratch-resistant thanks to a high-quality PVD coating.



BioThane®, stainless steel with PVD coating


Collar sizes

The C01 collar is 2.5cm wide and comes in three sizes. If you are unsure, please email us on hello@makethemroar.com and we will advise on the best size.

  • Small 25cm – 31cm (Italian Greyhound, Jack Russel, etc)
  • Medium 32cm – 38cm (Poodle, French Bulldog, Beagle, etc)
  • Large 39cm – 45cm (Dalmatian, King Poodle, etc)


How to measure your dog’s collar

Ideally you can measure the length of your dog’s current collar. Alternatively, losely drape a piece of string around your dog’s neck and measure its length. Ensure that there is a comfortable space of two fingers between your dog’s skin and the collar.



This vegan dog collar ships from Germany


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