Golden Pink bamboo cat ball Dandy Cat

This beautiful bamboo cat ball will make your cat feel safe and secure, especially when the ball is placed on elevated spaces


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Golden Pink Dandy Cat Den

This unusual pinkish golden bamboo cat ball is a real stunner. The cocoon will make your cat feel safe and secure, especially when you place the ball on elevated spaces like sideboards or shelves.

It is handcrafted from strong bamboo and comes in 5 beautiful interior colours. The soft internal foam cushion has a removable cover. This bamboo cat ball is 35cm high, 45cm wide and weighs 5.4 kg.

Simply clean the bamboo cocoon with a damp cloth using only gentle detergents. The cushion cover can be machine washed on a cold and gentle cycle. Please air dry on a flat surface. For day-to-day cleaning, simply shake and brush out excess cat hair.


Why cats love to snuggle into tight spaces?

Whether cardboard boxes, shopping bags or the wardrobe, it seems like cats love to crawl into the tiniest of spaces. First of all, this behaviour is instinctive, as cats want to hide from predators. The walls of a cardboard box, shopping bag, or other cocoon gives them a secure feeling as they tuck their bodies into the smallest nooks and crannies. It never seems a big deal to cats when contorting their body to make them feel safe. According to some theory, cats might also want to preserve their body heat and a smaller surface areas will accommodates this.




The Dandy Cat ball ships from Belgium via Courier




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