MiaCara white Volto slim wall-mounted cat scratcher

You will find it easy to dedicate a little space for this beautifully subtle wall-mounted cat scratcher. The white frame and beige scratching pad fit neatly into a modern decor.


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Slim wall-mounted cat scratcher Volto white/beige

This slim wall-mounted cat scratcher makes an ideal addition to benefit your cats’ wellbeing. When owning a cat, providing them with the opportunity to scratch their paws is essential. And creating dedicated scratching areas for your cats will also prevent them from using your soft furnishings to take care of their claws.

Crafted from a sleek aluminium frame which can be screwed to the wall and fitted with a removable design felt scratch panel, the Volto looks right at home in a contemporary interior. Mount the cat scratcher individually, or line up multiple cat scratching panels around the house in a multi-cat households.

This contemporary and subtle design and the muted colours will not visually compete with other decoration on your walls. its slim shape allows it to be placed in tiny areas and even near corners. The powder-coated aluminium frame has modern rounded edges and holds the removable scratch-pad flush and tight in place.

Because it is wall-mounted, the entire scratching panel won’t use up too much space in your flat. Its muted colours and unassuming shape will not visually compete with other decoration on your wall.

The scratch panel itself is replaceable and you can buy it from us separately. if you would like an additional one or wish to replace yours, please email us via the contact section in the footer and we will arrange this for you.


Measurements of the Wall-mounted cat scratcher Volto

71cm long x 11cm wide x 3.5cm deep


Why cats need to scratch

Cats need to scratch for a variety of reasons. And removing the dead outer layers to clean and sharpen their claws is just one of them. Scratching also …

  • marks their territory by leaving a visual mark as well as a scent
  • communicates with other cats
  • serves as an emotional release
  • exercises, stretches and flexes their feet, legs and back muscles



The VOLTO ships via courier from Germany

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