Adopting Teddington from Battersea Dog’s and Cat’s Home

Having considered expanding the Roar family for a while, a few months back I began my quest to find a sidekick for Mr Spats at the indispensable Battersea Dog’s and Cat’s home in London.

I spent a handful of afternoons mingling with the feline re-homing candidates, and was introduced to a scrawny little tomcat named Teddington. Nothing is known about his past. He was found in the affluent Richmond area, south west of London. He was in a pretty bad shape, with skin conditions, a thinning coat and heavily underweight.

The amazing Battersea team encouraged me to spend some time with him. And despite his timid air, he instantly won me over with his gentle soul and inquisitive nature. Although it might have been the little kiss he carefully planted on my face when we first met.
















I am now overwhelmed by his turnaround; not much remains of the bony little thing I met at the shelter. Today, Teddington is very social and talkative and loves his humans. This one certainly knows what he’s doing when he rolls over onto his back, plunging himself onto my feet, requesting a belly rub… Yet, while he remains a little skittish he will always be the first to investigate what’s going on.















As expected – it took a couple of weeks to fully introduce our cats to each other. Well, it didn’t go without some bawling (Mr Spats) and hissing (General Teddington), the two have come around to living together. They now love to play fight and chase each other around the house; usually in the wee hours…















I am so happy that I have adopted this gentle soul. He’s got me wrapped around his little paw. Please visit your local shelter if you are still looking for those special paws or have space for more, then please consider adopting from your local shelter. There are so many lonely hearts waiting to become your friend for life.

Great to have you here,

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