MiaCara Velluto classic dog bed

A classic beauty made for comfort and longevity.


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Ultimate comfort in a classic design

Introducing Velluto – the easy-care dog bed with a classic look that’s built for optimal comfort. Made with extremely soft velour fabric, it’s easy to clean with just water and prevents dog hairs from getting caught, so you can pat them out at any time. The inner cushion of the Velluto dog bed conceals a high-quality filling and sturdy side panels made of soft, open-cell foam, supporting your dog’s head and offering the highest sleeping comfort. Even with regular use, the bed stays in shape.

Your furry friend can relax optimally on the mattress made of viscoelastic foam with memory effect, which also relieves the spine and joints. Velluto comes in modern shades of Grey, Nude, and Sage, blending seamlessly into any living space. For easy cleaning, the removable cover is machine washable, just like the foam parts. Give your furry friend the ultimate in comfort and style with Velluto.



Inner cushion: Cotton blend fabric 60% cotton and 40% polyester 

Foam Filling:100% Polyurethan (stable, climatising, hypoallergenic, permanently elastic) 

Covers: 100% Polyester 




  • Outer measurements 70cm x 55cm x 22cm 
  • Inner measurements 44cm x 30cm 


  • Outer measurements 80cm x 65cm x 22cm 
  • Inner measurements 51cm x 36cm 


  • Outer measurements 91cm x 71cm x 26cm 
  • Inner measurements 62cm x 43cm 


  • Outer measurements 120cm x 90cm x 30cm 
  • Inner measurements 82cm x 54cm 


How to care for the bed  

To maintain and clean the cushion filling, launder it with a mild detergent up to 60° C. Avoid using chlorinated and chemically aggressive washing products, as they can damage the foam. After washing and rinsing, use the spin cycle to remove as much water as possible. Air-dry the inner cushion on a rack or tumble dry it at 60° C. Regularly plump up the inner cushion to maintain its shape and fluffiness.

For the mattress, use a gentle wash cycle up to 30° C with a mild detergent. Avoid highly chlorinated or chemically aggressive washing additives, which can damage the memory foam when drying. After washing and rinsing, use the spin cycle to remove as much water as possible. Air-dry the mattress on a rack or tumble dry it at 60° C.

For the cover, wash it at 40° C or dry clean it. After washing, air-dry it on a rack and iron it at a low temperature. Remove dog hair easily by beating it out or vacuuming it with an upholstery brush. To remove stains, press a damp cloth onto the stain and wipe the fabric clean in circular motions. For stubborn stains, use a mild detergent, but avoid solvents, concentrated scouring agents, or solvent-based cleaning products containing DMF, ketones, esters, methylbenzene, or toluene.



The dog bed ships within 2-3 working days via courier from the workshop in Germany.


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