MiaCara Capello faux fur cat bed

Don’t you envy your cat’s sleeping routine? This bed will make a great space to snuggle into for hours. Place high up on a sideboard or your couch for extra warmth and seclusion.


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Faux fur cat bed

This cosy Faux fur cat bed is covered in long-haired fabric to create a secure and very comfy surrounding for your cat. It is made to deeply snuggle into and provides maximum cosines to cats who love to hide away from time to time.

  • Dry clean or cold wash in the machine at 30 degrees (don’t tumble dry)
  • Shake the fur out after washing and dry it over a rack to give it air so it remains fluffy and soft

The bed comes in one size. The inner diameter measures approximately 30cm and the outer diameter measures approximately 55cm and is approximately 17cm high. The faux is made from 83% Acrylic and 17% polyester. While the base fabric is made from 100% polyester fabric. The inner filling is made from siliconised hollow 100% polyester fibre.


Easy care for your faux fur cat nest

If dirty, simply wash the Capello in the washing machine at a cold temperature. To ensure the faux fur stays fluffy after the wash and remains soft over time, shake the nest out after washing and leave it on a rack to air dry. For day-to-day cleaning, simply shake and brush out excess cat hair.


Why do cats love to snuggle into tight spaces?

Whether cardboard boxes, shopping bags or the wardrobe, it seems like cats love to crawl into the tiniest of spaces. First of all, this behaviour is instinctive as cats want to hide from predators. The walls of a cardboard box, shopping bag, or wardrobe give them a secure feeling. As they love nothing more than to tuck their bodies into the smallest nooks and crannies. It never seems a big deal to cats when contorting their body. And according to some theory, cats might also want to preserve their body heat and smaller surface areas will accommodate this.


This faux fur cat nest ships from Germany via courier in 1-2 working days.


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