Floating sisal cat steps

Let your cat discover new vertical space with these floating sisal cat steps. Adding just a few steps will create a brand new universe to climb up to and relax in. A brand new quiet zone away from it all allowing your house tigers to oversee their kingdom.


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Floating sisal cat steps

Create a vast cat empire with these gorgeous floating sisal cat steps. Place the sisal steps near a sideboard or a couch to offer your cat an easy climbing route up to a perfect quiet zone. Adding just a few steps to your wall will open up a brand new territory and inspire your cat to climb. And creating remote areas to withdraw to can be ideal especially for pets who live in a busy household with children and several other pets.

These great looking sisal steps are hand made in Poland. They appear to be floating as their brackets are fully hidden. The step’s base is made of pine wood that is covered with natural agave sisal, a material that cats love to claw and scratch.

Steps come ready to mount and with the correct screws. If screwed into a wall stud they’re extremely sturdy and can hold approximately 44 pounds (20kg).



  • Each step is 28cm (11 inches) long
  • The diameter of each step is 10cm (4 inches)
  • Weight: 1,1 kg (2,4 lbs)


Why do cats sleep high up

Our cats’ ancestors were tree-climbing mammals and through to today, most domestic cats love to spend time in places that have great vantage points. Animal behaviourists assign this to our cats’ instinct to protect themselves, as a remote and high position for sleeping or resting gives them the opportunity to spot potential dangers around them early. Clearly, they haven’t given it up as it also helps them oversee their personnel at home.

Vertical territory with different platforms can also inspire cats to move more and help prevent boredom and weight gain. In addition, it provides a warm resting place and avoids cold drafts that can sweep across floors.




The cat steps ship from Poland in the EU.


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