BALL yellow woven sphere cat bed

A warm and natural place for a divine sleep, this sphere cat bed is the perfect choice especially for cats who love to curl up in their own space and withdraw from time to time. The handwoven cocoon’s enclosed shape will keep them feeling snug and the removable and washable cushion will add an extra layer of softness.


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Yellow woven sphere with grey cushion

The sphere cat bed is a beautiful piece of contemporary cat furniture. It features an even balance between wood, metal and the organic woven sphere. The bold colour combination of a bright yellow coloured cocoon with a dark grey cushion will integrate easily into your home’s interior. The sturdy metal frame with delicately tapered wooden legs holds the sphere in place without scratching your floor.

When your cat climbs inside the easy-to-access circular door, they are greeted with a generous space to rest. The hand woven sphere is perfectly sized to make your cat feel secure. The sphere comes with an interior cushion that creates a cosy and warm environment which can be further accessorised with their favourite blankets and toys. The scratch-resistant sphere is made from a coated polyester yarn while the inside cushion is made from a durable cotton blend.

Consider placing the Ball on an elevated space such as a sideboard or a shelf. Your cat will enjoy the opportunity to withdraw into a more calm zone and feel an added sense of quiet and security. Especially shy cats in multi-cat households will benefit from a place to hide in. Cats love to climb and sleep high up as they feel safe and secure. Providing them with a elevated sleeping areas can be especially beneficial for shy cats who need to withdraw from time to time.



  • The sphere cat bed is handwoven from coated polyester thread
  • Cushion: 50% cotton / 50% polyester fabric with a polyester filling


Sphere cat bed measurements

  • Cube: 43 cm length x 41 cm width x 40 cm height
  • Cocoon: ø 40 cm, opening Ø 20 cm, sleeping area Ø 30 cm



Use a damp cloth to gently wipe any hair off the cocoon cat house and hoover the inside to remove any loose hair. Wash the cushion in the washing machine on a cold 30° Celsius setting.



The sphere cat bed ships from France.



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