Cardboard cat scratcher grey LILA ROPE

For the love of cardboard

If your cat loves cardboard, this gorgeous scratcher might be a great investment. And what cat doesn’t like cardboard?

  • Handmade from corrugated cardboard and felt
  • Accessorised with a jute rope scratching band
  • Scratching post measures 30cm x 59cm x 26cm (W x H x L)
  • Weight: 3.5 kg

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Cardboard cat scratcher LILA ROPE | Grey

This gorgeous cat scratcher is made from three natural ingredients including corrugated cardboard, felt and jute rope. Designed and handcrafted in Poland, it is a modern take on how cat scratchers look and function.

The scratcher consists of multiple layers of cardboard discs, providing a large scratching surface to your cat. Please note that scratching will break off some of the cardboard which means that the scratcher will ‘shed’ and lose some volume over time. In addition to the cardboard surface, the scratcher comes with a few rows of rope at the base. Jute rope is a slightly harder material and will provide your cat with additional scratching option. Our Teddie loves both, his cardboard and his jute rope scratchers.

When positioned on its side, the scratcher’s rounded shape will invite your cat to use it as a cat bed as much as a scratcher. In addition, the scratcher invites you to play a few catching games so your cat gets to claw into the cardboard material.



  • The cardboard scratcher measures 30cm x 59cm x 26cm (W x H x L)
  • Weight: 3.5 kg


Why cats require a cat scratcher in their home

Cats have a natural instinct to scratch and there are a variety of reasons. They include removing the dead outer layers to clean and sharpen their claws. Scratching also marks their territory by leaving a visual mark as well as their scent to communicate with other felines. Scratching also serves as an emotional release and exercises, stretches and flexes their feet, legs and back muscles.

Providing a scratcher will help avoid your cat marking her territory on your furniture. The Lila is one of the prettiest options in the market and we are excited to be stocking this young Polish brand.



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