MiaCara Torre black ash wood cat tower

A modern interpretation of how a cat tree should look like.


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Modern large ash wood cat tower

This elegant, modern cat scratching tower is a great choice to add vertical space to your cat’s environment as it provides your cat with high-up space to scratch, climb, and perch. While offering a playground for your cats, the Torre won’t take over your home as its slim design neatly fits into your home. And providing your cat with a dedicated space to scratch will help avoid surprising new paw patterns on soft furnishings.

The solid base plate of this large cat-scratching tower is made from real wood and therefore offers heaps of stability. The large curved plywood panel is covered in durable needle felt to provide plenty of scratching surface for your cat’s wild claws.

To clean, wipe the wooden body with a damp cloth. Use the brush of a vacuum cleaner to clean the design felt but avoid the use of water or any liquid detergents. A fitting cushion (called Lana) can be bought separately.


The Torre is available in two colours

  • Natural ash wood/beige felt
  • Black ash wood/black felt


Available in two sizes

  • Small 70cm high x 45cm diameter
  • Medium 110cm high x 45cm diameter


Vertical space for your cat

Offering vertical space to your indoor cat is important for several reasons, including their physical and mental health. Cats are natural climbers and in the wild, they use trees to climb up and observe their surroundings. Indoor cats have the same instincts and can benefit from vertical spaces to fulfill their climbing instincts. Offering vertical spaces like cat trees, shelves, and perches will provide them with a safe and appropriate place to climb and fulfill their natural instinct.

Moreover, cats are solitary animals and need their own space to feel secure and relaxed. Vertical spaces provide them with a sense of security and a safe retreat. It allows them to have a clear view of their surroundings, which helps them feel more in control of their environment. Having their own space also helps to reduce stress and anxiety levels.

Vertical space can also provide them with exercise. Climbing and jumping require a lot of physical effort and can help to keep your cat active and healthy. It can also help to prevent obesity, which is a common problem for indoor cats who lead a sedentary lifestyle.

Offering vertical space to your indoor cat can also prevent boredom and destructive behaviour. Cats are curious animals and need mental stimulation to keep them occupied. Vertical space can offer them opportunities to explore and play, helping to prevent destructive behaviour like scratching furniture or chewing on plants.

It provides them with a safe and secure space to climb, exercise, and play, reducing stress levels and preventing destructive behavior. So, especially if you have indoor cats, invest in cat trees, shelves, or perches to keep your feline happy and healthy.



The Torre wood cat tower ships from Germany via courier and usually leaves the workshop in 2-3 working days.




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