MiaCara Piatto whisker-friendly slow-feeder bowl CONCRETE

Introduce a slower way to eat with this shallow food bowl designed to slow down fast eaters.


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Whisker-friendly slow-feeder cat bowl PIATTO

The sophisticated slow-feeder cat bowl adds an elegant touch to your cats’ feeding area. It is made from durable and high-quality porcelain that can be washed in the dishwasher. Use the bowl for dry or wet food. The shallow dish is not only whisker-friendly and suitable for flat-faced cats but also designed to slow down fast eating.

Available in one size of 16cm in diameter and 3cm high, the bowls come in three muted colours:

  • Berry
  • Concrete
  • Pine

Combine with the FRESCO water bowl for a lovely set. 


Cats’ whiskers

Cats’ whiskers are thick hairs that are incredibly sensitive. When your cat touches an object, vibrations travel through the whiskers to provide your cat with information about the surroundings. Whiskers help them negotiate tight spaces and are useful to get around in the dark. They can even sense air currents caused by anything that’s flying around nearby.

Whisker-stress or whisker fatigue describes when a sensory overload that cats may experience when their whiskers unintentionally touch something, especially unavoidable things like the sides of their food or water bowl. This overload could lead to stress that causes issues while feeding. A shallow food dishes can, therefore, be a solution to whisker-stress as it does not touch whiskers during eating.



The slow-feeder cat bowl ship from Germany via courier in 1-2 working days.


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