Vegas grey wall-mounted rope cat scratcher

Isn’t the Vegas looking sharp? The scratching surface is made from a hardy rope that is attached to a stainless steel wall mount. The Vegas measures 70cm high and 28cm wide and will fit neatly even into smaller spaces. Make the Vegas your own by selecting your favourite ‘pot’ from seven varieties of colours and textures (see menu below).


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Cactus shaped wall-mounted rope cat scratcher

Isn’t this cat scratcher looking sharp? Yes, it totally does. The Vegas rope cat scratcher can be mounted to your wall and helps you save valuable floor space. It can be placed strategically where your cats likes to mark their territory and will look great in any modern decor.    

The scratching surface of the Vegas is made from hardy woven rope that is mounted onto a stainless steel base. The rope provides a durable scratching surface and can be replaced when needed.

The Vegas scratching post can be accessorised with a ‘pot’ that fits onto the bottom of the steel wall-mount. You can choose from seven different ‘pots’ that come in various colours and textures to create a fully customisable scratching post.

The Vegas comes with a variety of options. There are four rope colours to chose from including green, black, beige and grey. In addition, you can customise your Vegas scratcher by adding a pot accessory. There are seven options with different surfaces to make the Vegas your own including White Wire, Wenge, Light Oak, Grey Concrete, White Concrete, Vegas Star or Black Concrete.


Why your cat needs a scratcher

Scratching is a natural instinct for your cat. Cats remove the dead outer layers of their claws to clean and sharpen them. Cats also scratch to communicate and mark their territory. Leaving a visual mark as well as scent lets other cats know about their presence. Scratching can also serve as an emotional release. Plus scratching exercises, stretches and flexes their feet, legs and back muscles.



The rope cat scratcher ships with a metal wall mount (screws not included) and is 70cm high and 28cm wide



The Vegas ships in 2-3 working days from France

Cactus Pot for The Vegas

Black Concrete, Grey Concrete, I don't want a pot, Light Oak, Vegas Stars, Wenge, White Concrete, White Wire


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