Matching t-shirts for humans and dogs

We recently launched MISO & CO’s timeless matching t-shirts for human and dogs to our store. Click here to view the collection! Today we chat to Australian siblings Amee and Miranda about their young brand, and about launching themselves into running a business that caters not only to dogs but also to their owners.


Your brand is named after your canine muse Miso. Tell us a bit more about how you got started. 

One night, Miranda and I were playing Cluedo and having a glass of wine. I had been thinking about starting a business for a while, but had kept this to myself. That night, I learnt Miranda was wanting to start a business too! We dared each other to start a business based on matching clothes for dogs and people, and here we are today 😊

Your business is still young. What have you learned since you started to set up on your own? 

There is no better teacher than entrepreneurship. First, we’ve learnt that your business should be based on what your customers want. It is easy to have a vision for the brand and products you want to create, but if your target customers aren’t attracted or willing to pay for itt, you don’t have a business! It seems obvious, but this can be easy to forget when you’re convinced that your idea or product is “The One”. As business owners, we have to be willing to adapt their ideas for our customer’s wants.

We’ve also learnt that you can’t do everything alone. Community is so important. Our fellow business owners in Australia and internationally have been such a source of support for us. They have believed in us, given advice, purchased or stocked MISO & CO which has kept us going. We are also very glad to have our products now stocked at Make Them Roar!

What inspires your designs and what is next for dogs & humans? 

We are inspired by minimal aesthetics, the metropolitan lifestyle and the unconditional bond between dogs and people. We started with matching t-shirts for humans and dogs Later this year, we will be launching a brand new line of products … we can’t wait to show you. 

And finally, if a dog owner asked you how to best pamper their dog? What would your advice be? 

Whilst we help pet owners pamper their dogs with quality apparel and accessories, there is nothing more a dog wants than cuddles and quality time with their owners.


So see the MISO & CO matching t-shirts for humans and dogs, please click here.


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