Eco-friendly cardboard cat furniture

We are delighted to introduce MIOOU, one of the hottest new cat furniture brands out there. Architect and designer Kasia and I started to talk cat furniture a while back, when Kasia was in the process of launching. She creates her sustainable, eco-friendly cat furniture in Lodz in Poland where she lives and designs her beautiful products. Read our little chat here.


Kasia, what is your background? And what did you want to be when grow up?

As an architect, I have been creating small and large architecture and interior design for many years. I’m a fan of good and simple design. Today, I am the creator and designer of my own brand MIOOU that was created out of the need for beauty and care for cats. And when I grow up, I want MIOOU to have become a big and recognisable brand.


You are very conscious of using sustainable materials. What was your guiding principle when choosing the recyclable materials you work with?
The main assumption I made in my projects was that they would be accepted by cats. As everybody knows, cats love cardboard. If you then add materials that resemble our sofas at home, you’ve got a recipe for the perfect scratching furniture for cats. The rest is just ingenuity, a sense of aesthetics, precision of manufacturing and something else, I am keeping my secret 🙂
What was the best piece of advice you have received before launching MIOOU?
Do it, because what you’re doing is beautiful. Share it with cat owners, give joy to their cats and save their furniture from cats’ claws.

We see your three cats appear in many of your pictures across social media and your wonderful photography on your website. Apart from your feline muses, what gives you inspiration for your designs?

Three wonderful cats, Tito, Tula and Lila, live with me and my family. Each of them was adopted and each of them is different. They have their own character and needs. I think they didn’t come to us for no reason. Careful observation of them allowed me to build an idea of what they might need. It is not that difficult, especially when you have such wonderful helpers, especially Tula. She is most involved in trying out all my projects. She makes me see that my work really makes sense.

What drives me to action is to make furniture that cats can use at will. And giving cat owners reasons to be happy with their cats in their homes. As well as proving that things made of simple materials can also be beautiful.


And finally, if a cat owner asked you how to pamper their cat, what you your advice be?

Play with your cat, give it what it really needs, and it will pay you back with its deep affection.

Take a look at our MIOOU collection of cat scratching houses, tunnels and posts here.

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